The idea for Glidescope Designs was developed by an engineer and aviation enthusiast who has been collecting scale model aircraft for over 20 years. In 2020, two years after the idea was developed, Glidescope Designs was launched to provide aviation enthusiasts and collectors of aviation memorabilia highly accurate scale models of structures from their favorite airports. Starting with the most iconic structures, the air traffic control tower, it is our aim to produce most of the structures found at an airport.

Our aim is to build and maintain an open and constructive relationship with the community of aviation enthusiasts so that we are providing them with a diverse, yet desired, selection of scale models. Whether you are building a diorama of your favorite airport or you want an iconic structure from an airport you visit frequently, we will strive to have something for you.

Due to fabrication limitations, some of the smaller details may not be exactly to scale. Just know that we push our technology to the limits to guarantee the highest resolution possible at scale. We will work to continuously improve our products and take advantage of technological innovations to produce even higher resolution models.

We are extremely excited to welcome you along for the ride and are looking forward to serving this passionate community for many years.

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